Canada’s Leading Gambling Operator Joins The CGA

The Real Luck Group, an industry leader in the Canadian online gaming market, has joined the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA). The company, which operates under the name Luckbox within the country, has been recognized by the CGA as of February 18th, 2021.

The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) is the industry group for legalized, regulated internet gambling in the country. The company is also dedicated to developing new iGaming technologies and conducting research to improve existing ones.


Quentin Martin, CEO of the Real Luck Group, offered some commentary.


A Necessary First Step

Martin emphasized the need of being a member of the CGA for any company planning to provide legal, Canadian online gaming or real money betting sites. He emphasized that the association’s goal was to provide a forum for shareholders to speak with one voice and influence public policy.


He went on to express hope that more eSports betting site Canada choices would soon be on the horizon thanks to proposed legislation for single event wagering in Canada. After the laws were implemented, he said, Luckbox will be ready to provide gamblers with secure, regulated options.


He continued by adding that eSports were becoming increasingly popular in the area, and that Luckbox, an award-winning company that had recently joined the area’s eSports association, was prepared to meet the growing demand for its services.


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Positioned to Benefit

Paul Burns, the CGA’s chief executive officer, offered his own perspective. First, he expressed his delight at the addition of Real Luck Group and his anticipation of the group’s contributions. He said that the Canadian betting site was well-positioned to take advantage of future developments, which boded well for the economy of his country.


Burns elaborated by stating his eagerness to collaborate with Real Luck Group and his willingness to lend a hand whenever asked. He summed off by noting that expanding into the new, potentially sizable market segment was something he was looking forward to.

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